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Welcome to the online home of NERDS, Incorporated. NERDS Inc takes pride in building high quality water rocket launchers. Our Water rocket launch pads are used by 1000's of High Schools and Universities worldwide. We also take pride in building the official launch pad for Science Olympiad. Thanks for visiting our little corner of the world wide web and welcome to NERDS Inc!

At NERDS, we strive to produce the best educational resources available. We specialize in creating valuable study aides for the Science Olympiad, a middle and high school science competition that draws millions of students from all over the USA and Canada.

Again, thank you for visiting NERDS, Incorporated. Enjoy your stay!

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Basic Water Rocket Launch Pad

Price: $129.00
S/H (first item): $15.00
S/H (additional): $10.00

This is the basic aluminum pad and is exactly like the one used at the national competition without the pneumatic launching option. All you need for launching is a bicycle pump or a small air compressor.  Made of all machined aluminum, this pad offers the most in great appearance, and more importantly, great durability. This pad will never quit! And if anything should ever go wrong with it, NERDS Inc. will fix it or replace it for free! This pad is without a doubt, the easiest loading, most durable, and lowest cost water rocket launch pad on the internet or anywhere else!  Launch pads are made per individual order and not prebuilt.  Shipping can take approximately 2-4 weeks depending on availability and we can be flexible if needed.

(Note: Regulator and Gauge sold separately.)