About NERDS, Incorporated

NERDS, Inc. (Nebraska Educators Really Doing Science) is a small corporation started by a single science teacher (Jake Winemiller) Its purpose is to make money by producing products of the highest possible quality and offer them to teachers at a fair price.

Jake Winemiller started making water rocket launch pads approximately 12 years ago under the tutelage of Dr. Ronald J. Bonnestetter. Over the years many design changes have occurred leading up to the latest design, an all aluminum launch pad. The Nerds, Inc launcher is (in our opinion) the nicest launcher on the market. It is designed to take the greatest classroom use and abuse and, additionally, it is designed to be modified should the owner ever want to upgrade to a fully pneumatic launch system.

Our company operates on the Deming operational model. We emphasize quality because we think that a product that is of maximum quality leads to lower corporate costs. We believe that most defects in a product are a result of a poor corporate system not a result of poor workers. We buy all of our non-in-house components from vendors who are committed to a quality product.

We strive to give the customer maximum support regardless of cost to the company. We believe that this will produce maximum customer loyalty to our corporation and its products and, in the long run, will maximize profits.