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Education made to inspire


Education made to inspire


You don't have time to worry about unreliable lab equipment. You want powerful results without the hassle. Teach to curiosity, inspire your students and create a healthy learning environment, all in an easy to use rocketry launch system.

  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Will take custom orders and requests



...our education is a culture of CURIOSITY, sculpted by teachers.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

since 2014


Schools have purchased our water rocket launch pads, ranging from the elementary to university level.




Students have used our water rocket launch pads in the classroom.

5 countries & 43 states

Have purchased NERDS Inc water rocket launch pads.


The number of rockets stuck in trees. We think thats okay, failure is a natural step in the learning process!*

UNiversity of Nebraska-Lincoln

NERDS Inc launch pads have been the greatest educational resource we have ever used.
— Matthew Mahlin, Former Student AIAA President

meadowbrook Elementary School  Rapid City, SD

I was taught water rockets from Mr. Winemiller in high school and now that I teach, I use the same projects with my students.
— Andrew Thimgan, 5th Grade Teacher and former USAF Pilot

Pleasant Grove Jr. High School, Pleasant Grove, UT

I have been launching water rockets for 25 years with my 8th grade engineering students. Over the years I have tested and worn out several launchers. My current P***** launchers were not working properly and I was tired of fixing them each time we were ready to launch. This past year I purchased and tested 3 [competing] launch pad models. Yours was the best one ..... all aluminum construction and kid proof. Plastic just can not handle or stand up to student use
— Dave Myers, CTE/Tech/Engineering Teacher

aRCADIA public schools arcadia, NE

This morning was the absolute BEST morning of launching 9th Physical Science Rockets… I am beyond excited for this new (Model D) launcher… NO pumping the bike tire pump, and it was safe, easy and amazing. I would seriously love to purchase another. Thanks so much!
— Ms. Marie Wadas, APS 7-12 grades Science/Science Olympiad

* Icons designed by Popcorn Arts, from Flaticon