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Basic Water Rocket Launch Pad

Price: $129.00
S/H (first item): $15.00
S/H (additional): $10.00

This is the basic aluminum pad and is exactly like the one used at the national competition without the pneumatic launching option. All you need for launching is a bicycle pump or a small air compressor.  Made of all machined aluminum, this pad offers the most in great appearance, and more importantly, great durability. This pad will never quit! And if anything should ever go wrong with it, NERDS Inc. will fix it or replace it for free! This pad is without a doubt, the easiest loading, most durable, and lowest cost water rocket launch pad on the internet or anywhere else!  Launch pads are made per individual order and not prebuilt.  Shipping can take approximately 2-4 weeks depending on availability and we can be flexible if needed.

(Note: Regulator and Gauge sold separately.)

Ultimate Pneumatic Launch System Upgrade Kit (Launch Panel and Air cylinder retrofit to existing pad)

Price: $235.00
S/H (first item): $20.00
S/H (additional): $0.00
This system works with a previously purchased Basic Water Rocket Launch Pad $129.00.   The customer will need to ship the previously purchased launch pad back to us to retrofit the pneumatic launch system. 

Ultimate Pneumatic Launch Pad

Price: $354.00
S/H (first item): $25.00
S/H (additional): $20.00

The Ultimate Water Rocket Launch Pad with the Pneumatic Launch System (complete set-up).  (Will not work with hand pump.)  Requires Compressor or scuba tank set-up. 

Gauge Assembly

Price: $25.00
S/H (first item): $0.00
S/H (additional): $0.00

This is needed if your compressor is: 1: located at a distance, or 2: You don't have a gauge or a reliable gauge on your bicycle pump or small compressor.   Gauge placed in airline near end of line for easy reading.

Gauge, Regulator, and Mini-inline Valve Assembly

Price: $68.00
S/H (first item): $0.00
S/H (additional): $0.00

This option is recommended if you have a large compressor. The regulator adjusts the pressure at the launch  pad (in the rocket) to that which is desired. The mini-inline valve allows the person launching the rocket to rapidly pressurize the rocket (5 seconds or less) to the desired pressure. The mini-inline valve when used in conjuction with the regulator acts as a safety feature....it keeps the students from over-pressurizing their rockets.  A special brass fitting is placed at the end of the launch pad airline that accommodates most compressor hose threads (1/4 inch NPT).