How do you disconnect an airline from the green ring?

To disconnect tubing from green ring, push tubing toward green ring, hold green ring down with opposing hand, then, while holding down ring, pull tubing in opposite direction. (Note: Somewhat counterintuitive.) 


How to attach the Model C to a scuba tank?

Get a scuba regulator from Nerds Inc (which will be preadjusted for $165) that is internally regulated and set internal regulation to 120 psi.  Take quarter inch NPT attachment quick release into scuba system and screw in green ring attachment from Nerds Inc. Then, get scuba tanks and attach scuba regulator to scuba tank and you're done!   


How do you pressurize Model A?

Purchase a quality bike pump. Do not buy a cheap bicycle pump! Pressurizing rockets can quickly wear down a cheap pump.


How do you pressurize Model B?

An air compressor is recommended. However, you could use a scuba tank, or a bicycle pump.


How do you pressurize Model C? 

Scuba tanks recommended, although compressors work as well.


How should I store my scuba tanks?

On a dolly, securely attached with bungie cords.


Why does water come back into the airline when rocket is pressurized?

The typical reason for this is a poor connection between air source and launch pad system. If you cannot eliminate the leak, a "Check valve" must be installed in the airline that goes to the nipple.   


What kind of compressor should I buy?

A 2 to 5 gallon compressor at Harbor Freight, Menards, Home Depot, or Walmart. It does not need to be large.


How do you attach the green ring fitting to compressor's airline? 

Teflon tape

5/8 open-end wrench

9/16 open-end wrench

Wrap Teflon tape on threads of the airline from the compressor to prevent air leakage and screw into—— 


What size airline should I purchase for my compressor for Model B and C?

Most airlines available at Menards, Home Depot, etc. are 3/8 inch NPT and this is the recommended size.


How do you adjust the pressure on Model C?

 (We ship everything at 60 PSI) With a rocket (filled to capacity with water for safety) on the launch pad, lift up and turn the large black knob on the launch panel while watching the pressure gauge.  The reading on the pressure gauge is the pressure going to the rocket.


How do I pressurize a rocket that is far from compressor's location/air source/electric outlet? 

Use a long air hose.  Do not use an extension chord.


Why is it cheaper to use a purchase order instead of a credit card?

(Purchase Order or Credit Card -which is right for me?) Credit Cards charge approximately 3% to the price. Nerds Inc only sells to schools and most schools can go either way. Purchase Orders can be paid with a school check.


Just call us and we will ship you new ones at no charge. If  you need the O-rings sooner, just order Nitrile #114, 70 Durometer, 3/32" cross section, 5/8-ID, 13/16-OD.

Trouble shooting: 

Rocket is stuck on launch pad -What do I do? Read the enclosed safety instructions that came with the launch pad.