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A Note on Gauges

Not all gauges are the same. In fact, some can read pressure nearly 10 PSI more or less than others. This may seem daunting at first, but take a look at the video below to see that this issue is more easily solved than not.


How To Calibrate (“burp”) Your Gauge

Gauges can be sensitive to temperature and the varying pressures of geographical elevation. These factors can effect the consistency and reliability of your research and subsequent launching results. Burping a gauge can restore it to it’s original consistency. Though virtually any gauge can be used to measure the pressure within a rocket (be it on a bicycle pump or not), not every gauge can be burped. To ensure that your gauge is giving you reliable, repeatable pressure readings, watch the video below!

Note: We did not create this video. This is from the youtube channel Kodiak Controls, Inc. We are sharing this purely for the benefit of minimizing your (the teacher) time, budget, and stress.