The act of creating a mind set that is full of curiosity and wonder is imperative to the future of America and the world. Whether the inspiration derives from cultural changing programs, like the Apollo program, or from a science teacher capturing the minds of students in class. The act of acquiring the initial spark is vital. We can’t become an innovative people without inspiration to enable the scientists, artists, and engineers to create.


During education there needs to be inspiration. In combination with parents, our schools have become responsible for inspiring our students. However there is not much that is inspirational about tests or teaching to tests. As the number of education standards increase the amount of time spent towards creativity, hands on making, and critical thinking diminishes. The school system is mortgaging a future of thinkers who aren't pushing themselves for their own creative thought, but to a test.


The love of an object, once thought impossible to have, and created by oneself is intellectually seductive. Whether that object is from imagination or replicated, it is the act of creating the object your own way. The desire and self teaching to create that said object is the engine of innovation for a future of tomorrow.


Innovation brings new technologies and opportunities for companies. Companies themselves need to always be innovating to stay competitive. The newest technology will bring new efficiencies to products and new avenues for business. Whole industries can be created on the creation of a new product, think of the economic impact of the computer. Those innovative products will be what drives the economy in the 21st century.