Being a rocket scientists has no age requirement.

When a student gets hooked on a subject they're interested in, you can't stop them from learning. Usually the student takes it upon themselves to learn more about that subject outside classroom. This contagious learning has been the subject of some students at Meadowbrook Elementary School in Rapid City, SD. The students have come together under the direction of their 5th grade instructor Andy Thimgan to learn about the aerospace field after school.

The class is an open book and the students get to study their interest in aviation. They studied basic aviation aerodynamics and newton's law of motion. The physics lessons are then applied by building and launching rockets. If the student wants a higher flying rocket, all they have to do is to trust the math. This design, trial and error galvanizes the scientific method in students minds. The club uses our NERDS Inc launch pads, braving the cold, to launch throughout the year. 

KOTA Territory News had a story highlighting the rocket clubs growth.