Science happens in all kinds of weather and this weekend was no exception. This year Science Olympiad was held at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio and this year teams had to work through wind, fog, rain, and cold temperatures. Starting at 6 am, we launched nearly a hundred rockets in just a few hours to beat the incoming storms.

The bottle rocket competition objective was the longest flight with a 1-liter bottle rocket. Each team must launch two rockets and the combine time of each flight is your score. The rocket must also carry an egg that survives the entire rocket flight.  Our longest time was north of 13 seconds and the majority of the rockets were reaching 120+ feet.

Congratulations to the placing teams!

  1. Winston Churchill Middle School

  2. Solon Middle School

  3. Bearden Middle School

  4. Oak Valley Middle School

  5. Northshore Junior high

  6. Dodgen Middle School

Scores of placing teams are kept with Science Olympiad and are not shown.